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About Litzone

What does Litwork offer recruiters that other platforms do not? / How is Litwork different for Recruiters

What type of candidates can I find on Litwork?

What are the subscription charges as a recruiter?

I haven't received my invoice, who do I contact?

You can check your spam & junk folders

Can I get a refund if the shortlisted candidate is not available.

What documents are required for KYC verification?

How does Litwork set candidate proficiency levels?

I do not have a credit /debit card or Netbanking. How do I register for Litwork?

How do I get in touch with someone from Litwork?

LitQ & LitQ Decode

What is LitQ and who created it?

How does the gamified experience fit into the hiring process on Litwork?

Can you customise the games/ assessments as per industry, company and role? /Can you white label your games/ assessments?

How does the LitQ match help my hiring process?

Hiring & Posting Jobs

Our intuitive post a job builder helps you create effective job posts using the right combination of filters and keywords to help match you with the right talent! Each job card - open or closed caters to making your talent search most efficient on the platform.

How do I post a job on Litwork?

What are 'Hot Jobs'?

What are 'Trending Jobs'?

What are 'Open Jobs?

How do I reassign a job post?

How long will it take for a job to go live on the site?

How do I close an open job?

What are 'Closed Jobs?

Can I post Jobs in other cities?

Shortlisting Candidates & Downloading Profiles

Once you've posted a job, the Litzone engine shares your post with young talent registered on the platform! Every job post has a 'LitQ match' that helps candidates evaluate their potential against the requirements of the job.

Who are 'Recommended Candidates'?

How do I shortlist a new applicant?

Can I email the shortlisted candidates from Litwork directly?

Where can I download a Candidate Resume?

Where do I find the contact details of a candidate?

How do I bulk shortlist?

Admin & Adding members

If you're an Admin to your Litzone account you can add members, manage their accounts and build your community. Please note, users subscribing to the Better & Best plan have access to adding members to their Litzone account.

How do I add members?

How do I make a member an Admin?

How do I remove a member?

Can I view jobs posted by my members?