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About Litzone

What is Litwork? How is it different from other job portals

Who is Litwork meant for?

Is Litwork free?

Does Litwork organise campus placements?

Which companies are hiring on Litwork for early-stage talent?

Does Litwork conduct professional training or workshops

Can I cancel/delete my Litwork subscription?

What is the benefit of taking a subscription with Litwork?

Can I make a payment for my Litwork subscription over the phone?

I have successfully completed my payment but the Litwork subscription plan I opted for is not reflecting on my account?

I have completed my payment but selected the wrong Litwork subscription. Can I get a refund?

What happens if my money is deducted from my account but the transaction is unsuccessful/failed?

Once the payment is done does the bank details get saved ?

I do not have a credit /debit card or Netbanking. How do I register for Litwork?

What is a magic link?

Before the LitQ Smart Assessment

What is the LitQ Smart Assessment and who created it?

Can you explain how many questions the LitQ Smart Assessment has and how are they categorised?

How will my results be used in the recruitment process?

Is LitQ based on standardised & scientific measures?

Is there an eligibility criterion to take the LitQ Smart Assessment?

Can I take the LitQ Smart Assessment again?

I don't have exposure to computer games. Will this impact my results?

I have a learning/hearing/visual/ physical disability. Will this affect my outcome? I have a disability that prevents me from taking the LitQ Smart assessment. How do I request accommodation?

Can I complete the games on a mobile or a PC? Which device should I use?

What do I need to know before starting the gamified experience? Can I preview and practice the game? How do I prepare for the game?

Will the games work with a poor internet connection or what will happen if it stops in between?

Where can I download the Full version of my LitQ report?

As a placement officer, will I get access to my students' LitQ reports?

How is the Litwork gamified experience different from an online assessment test?

Can a student cheat while taking the LitQ smart assessment?

Is the LitQ Assessment timed?

When is the best time to take the LitQ Smart Assessment?

Can I take breaks?

I am having technical issues while taking the LitQ Smart Assessment. What should I do?

Can I pause between sections of the LitQ Smart Assessment?

Can I change my answer once I've moved onto the next level in the LitQ Smart Assessment?

I am unable to click on the next section while taking the LitQ Smart Assessment?

Applying to Jobs on Litzone

How do I apply for a job posted on Litwork?

What does a recruiter see when I apply for a job?

What are 'New Jobs'?

What are 'Trending Jobs'?

I've applied for a job. What do I need to do next?

What is my job application result status?

I have not been shortlisted for a job I applied to, even though my LitQ match is high?

Can I cancel my application after applying for a job?

I am unable to apply for jobs shown to me once I sign in

Can I reapply for the same job?

Can I apply for a job once it expires?

I've applied for a job that no longer exists on the platform

How many jobs can I apply for?

What are the types of jobs posted on Litwork?

Can I set job preferences?

I am unable to find jobs in my preferred location

My application status shows 'shortlisted', but I haven't received a call from the recruiters. What should I do?

Setting up your Litzone Profile

Use your Litzone Profile to introduce yourself and showcase your projects, interests and experiences to potential recruiters. Your basic details are pre-filled when you complete the gamified experience.

How do I create a Litwork profile?

What type of social links should I share with a recruiter?

How do I get the best out of my Milestone wall?

What do I add to my Vault to make it stand out?

How to add projects to the Vault?

How do I upload a profile picture?

Even after entering all my details my profile strength is not increasing why?

I can't upload my resume.

Can I enter my Internship as previous experience?

Can we connect or have business groups on Litwork ?

Build your Resume & Video profile

Your resume is your opportunity to make an excellent first impression during the job application process. show off your previous experiences and underscore your strengths to potential recruiters.

How do I edit my resume?

What should I include in my resume?

What If I have no work experience to add?

Why do I have to upload the video profile?

How do I upload my video profile?

How to get the best out of your video profile?