Land perfectly-matched jobs. Make perfectly-fitted-to-role hires. Only with LitQ!

The LitQ Smart Assessment is a first-of-its-kind job-matching algorithm that combines the art and science of hiring to determine the level of compatibility of jobs for candidates and candidates for jobs, even before the interview! All it takes is three simple steps:

  • Play an immersive game to unlock personal success drivers
  • Get perfectly matched jobs
  • Get hired for your dream job
  • Post a job with role success drivers.
  • Get perfectly matched candidates.
  • Make successful hiring decisions

Going beyond the resume to
discover real-world job performance

Effective work performance results from the right combination of knowledge, work intelligence (cognitive abilities), skills, emotional intelligence, workplace behaviour and culture alignment. The LitQ Smart Assessment stitches a series of game based workplace simulations with situational judgment scenarios and cognitive games to understand a job seeker s personal success drivers such as:

  • Personality & behaviour: what kind of people they are at work
  • Learnability (cognitive ability): what their level of workplace intelligence is
  • Culture fit: what kind of role culture gets the best out of them
  • Emotional intelligence: what their emotional quotient is at the workplace

The scientifically developed immersive game creates a birds eye view of what truly drives them to be the best versions of themselves at work in just 30 minutes (or even less)!

Find your dream job through our Smart recruitment solutions for smarter talent acquisition.
Going beyond a standard job description for zero ambiguity | Litzone - Maximizing Talent Acquisition with Our Recruitment Solutions

Going beyond a standard job description for zero ambiguity

On Litwork, we dont do ordinary job posts. Our intuitive job post builder goes far beyond basic job post templates and is designed to help recruiters create and post jobs, customised for each role with precise success driver benchmarks such as role competencies, role culture and personality preferences and work intelligence. No more cut copy paste posts with vague requirements; only key information that really matters!

LitQ Fitment Score: The Perfect Match!

By mapping a jobseeker s personal success drivers against key role benchmarks set by the recruiter, the LitQ Smart Assessment generates a unique LitQ fitment score that helps both sides identify the best jobs and candidates respectively! In this way, the LitQ Smart Assessment empowers young job seekers by maximising perfectly matched job opportunities while making early stage hiring smarter and more successful like never before!

LitQ gives you the best recruitment solutions | Litzone best talent acquisition platform
 A comprehensive report of what drives your success at work.| Litzone Maximizing Talent Acquisition with Our Recruitment Solutions

One game, many insights!

LitQ Lite/ Max: What a jobseeker sees

At the end of the LitQ Smart Assessment, jobseekers will receive their very own report with detailed, invaluable insights on their competencies, cognitive ability, motivation and culture fit. The report tells them exactly what makes their talent so unique so they can tap into their potential more effectively by applying to roles that are well suited for them.

Available in two formats: LitQ Lite (free, summarized version) & LitQ Max (paid, full version).

View Sample Litq Lite Report View Sample Litq Max Report

LitQ Decode: What a recruiter sees

For each candidate who takes the LitQ Smart Assessment, an exclusive report is generated for the recruiter carrying hiring specific insights that explain why its a case of good fitment: specifically in areas like candidate competency, work intelligence and culture fit. The report also comes with role specific hiring insights, tips on getting the best out of the hire and an interviewer s guide!

Available in only one format: LitQ Decode (Candidate Role Compatibility Report)

View Sample Litq Decode Report

Nail The Right Job Only With LitQ Smart Assessment

๐Ÿค Get matched with job preferences & skill sets
๐Ÿ”Ž Discover unique strengths for better personal branding
๐Ÿ”ฎ Make the right moves towards building a meaningful career


Assessment Approach


๐ŸŒ Online
๐ŸŽฎ Gamified
๐Ÿค Interactive


๐Ÿ•’ 30 minutes

Modules & elements

๐ŸŽฎ Mini games work intelligence, learning ability, behaviour & situational judgement
๐Ÿ“นVideo Interviews
โ” Questionnaires cultural preferences
๐Ÿ“Forms work experience and skills

Created by Experts

Litwork is a refreshingly different next-gen hiring platform, created by a vibrant, qualified team of experienced psychometricians.

The team behind the assessment has decades of expertise in people potential assessments, technology drivers, game designers, market movers and content strategists.

With proprietary technology and algorithms, we help candidates land jobs that are perfectly fitted not just for their skills and academics but for their innate potential and preferences.

We help companies reach, screen and get candidates who are measured and completely aligned with the key success drivers of the role. We seek to enable maximum opportunity for early stage jobseekers and make early stage hiring quick, cost effective and laser focused for companies.

Whether you re on the hunt for your first ever job, looking to take the next big step in your career or

even looking to hire potential for your company we help you find the right match, no matter what side of the recruitment story you belong to!

 Litwork - Maximizing Talent Acquisition with Our Recruitment Solutions

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